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REST API Authentication

There are no public API calls in the SpringCM REST API, authentication must take place and an access token must be obtained to make any call to the Object, Task, and Content API’s.  SpringCM supports 3 forms of authentication.

For all forms of authentication a Client Secret and Client Id must be provisioned from SpringCM.  This is done currently by emailing  Separate keys must be issued if you are working in the UAT and Production environments, as keys cannot be shared across these environments.  When requesting your keys please include the following information:

  • Application Name
  • Application Contact Email Address
  • SpringCM Environment – Production or UAT
  • Callback URL – For use if using OAuth 2.0 Web Server Flow.  The callback URL must be registered at the time of provisioning your keys and will be associated with the provisioned Client Id.

Please reach out to to make changes to an existing registration, highlighting what specifically needs to be changed.

Note that API Keys provisioned for the SOAP API are different than the ones used for the REST API and must be requested separately.