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Migrating Documents from Salesforce

Moving Attachments from Salesforce into SpringCM

Attachments can be moved on a per object basis with the below API call. This operation requires creating or having a SpringCM folder that is already related to the Salesforce object. See Finding and Creating Folders Associated with Salesforce Objects for more information.

Monitoring the Attachment Migration Process

This operation is initiated and then the status of the attachment migration can be monitored by calling a separate call to check status. The status operation requires as parameter the RequestToken that is returned from the ImportantSalesforceAttachments call. The result is an SCMAttachmentMigrationResult which has two members, Message and Status. The expected Status values are:

  • Failure : -1
  • Waiting : 0
  • Processing : 1
  • Success : 2

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SpringCMEos.SpringCMUtilities.EosObject resultObj = SpringCMEos.SpringCMUtilities.createEOSObject(objId,sfType);
SpringAttachments.SCMFolder eosFolder = service.FindOrCreateEOSFolder(token, resultObj.getSfId(), 'Salesforce.' + resultObj.getSfType(), resultObj.getFoldername(), resultObj.getPath(), false);
string statusId = service.ImportSalesforceAttachments(token, eosFolder.Id);
SpringAttachments.SCMAttachmentMigrationResult result = service.ImportSalesforceAttachmentsStatus(token, statusId);