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User Management Operations

This section will describe how to work contacts, users, and groups via the web service API.

API Objects Used in User Management Operations

The following objects in the API represent items in the Address Book:

  • SCMUserAccount – Represents a user in the SpringCM Address Book.  Derives from SCMContactInfo and SCMBaseObject.
  • SCMContact – Represents a contact in the SpringCM Address Book.  Derives from SCMContactInfo and SCMBaseObject.
  • SCMGroup – Represents a SpringCM security or distribution group.  Derives from SCMBaseObject.

Create, Delete, Update, and Load Users and Groups

The creation, deletion, and update of contacts, users and groups in the SpringCM Address Book are all handled similarly in the SpringCM API.  The SpringCM service exposes the following methods that apply to all SCMBaseObjects:

  • Load – Used to get an object based on its internal id
  • Save – Used to create or update an object in SpringCM
  • Delete – Used to delete an object in SpringCM

User and Group Specific Methods

In addition to the above methods, the SpringCM API exposes methods specific to User and Contact management:

  • UserGetByAccountId – Gets all the users in a given account.
  • ContactFind – Used to find a Contact or User via search criteria.  Searchable fields are First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Company
  • UserSetPassword – Changes the password for the user context used in the authenticate call
  • ResetPassword – Sends an email to a user that allows them to change their password

Additionally, there are methods specific to Group management:

  • GroupFind – Used to find a Group via search criteria
  • GroupGetByContact – Used to get the groups that a User is assigned to