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Update a Folder

The FolderSave method is used to update a folder in SpringCM.  The client should get a reference to an existing folder, update properties on the SCMFolder object, and then pass the updated object to FolderSave.

The Save method may be used to update folders as well, specifying the CreateIfNew parameter as false.  This can be useful when updating multiple folders at once, however for single folder updates, it is recommended to use FolderSave.

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string folderId = "<Folder Id from previous method call>";
SCMFolder folder = springCMService.FolderGetById(token, folderId, false);
folder.Name = "<New folder name>";
folder.Description = "<New description>";
folder = springCMService.FolderSave(token, folder);
String folderId = "<Folder Id from previous method call>";
SCMFolder folder = springCMService.folderGetById(token, folderId, false);
folder.setName("<New folder name>");
folder.setDescription("<New description>");
folder = springCMService.folderSave(token, folder);