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Step 4 – Mapping Salesforce users to SpringCM security groups

This section walks you through the process to map your Salesforce users to SpringCM security groups.  

  1. In SpringCM, navigate to Preferences -> Account Preferences -> Salesforce Configuration
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, to a section called Map Salesforce and SpringCM Security
  3. Click the blue Add New Mapping Link
  4. Choose the Salesforce Profile you would like to map from the dropdown list

    Salesforce Profile is the default setting, please contact SpringCM support if you would like to set up mappings based on Salesforce Role

  5. Select the appropriate SpringCM security groups from the list of available security groups.  Use the Shift or Control functions on your keyboard to select multiple.
  6. Click the orange right arrow to move them to the selected side
  7. Click Save


  8. Repeat as necessary for each Profile that you want to set up a Mapping for