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Step 1 – Set Field-Level Security on SpringCM user components

The following will describe the steps necessary to Set Field-Level Security on SpringCM user components

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup ->Customize -> Users -> Fields
  2. Scroll down to User Custom Fields and find the SpringCM Role and SpringCM User fields


  3. Click on the SpringCM Role/User field and press button to Set Field-Level Security


  4. Set the Visible and Read-Only checkboxes for each Profile as appropriate to only allow certain users to see and/or manage these fields on the User record


Before adding these fields to the page layout for Users, it is recommended to secure these fields to only be editable by the Profiles, like System Administrator, who are responsible for managing users in your account.  Securing these fields to only certain Profiles prevents users from changing their SpringCM permissions by changing their SpringCM User flag or SpringCM Role in