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SpringCM WSDL, API Keys, and SOAP API Tokens

SpringCM WSDL and API Keys

SpringCM exposes a SOAP Web Services API to programmatically work with SpringCM objects and processes.  Virtually any SOAP client can be used with the API, and the demonstrated method calls will remain the same regardless of the SOAP client technology used, however samples are shown for C# .NET, Java, and select samples in PHP.  A link to the WSDL can found found here: SpringCM WSDL

SpringCM will version the API WSDL as new functionality is added.  The current version is v201308; however, SpringCM does not plan on releasing a new version of the SOAP API at this time.  All new development should be done using the SpringCM REST API as thiis where SpringCM will focus on building out new functionality.

SpringCM Web services are secure and before getting started with them, you will need to contact SpringCM support  ( or your professional services representative to generate an API key for your account. 


To initiate a session with the web services API, the first call made will always be to one of the SOAP API Authentication methods.  An authentication call will return a token in the context of the user you authenticated with and will be used in all subsequent API calls.   SOAP API tokens expire after 60 minutes of non-use.