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SOAP API Object Model

The SpringCM SOAP Web Services API is an object based, and a full list of the objects in the API is documented with each of the individual API Operation sections in this guide describing the objects more in depth.  Many of the objects are simply data transfer objects passed in a request or response.  There are other objects in the API that represent true entities in SpringCM such as Accounts, Documents, Folders, Users, and Groups.  These objects all inherit from a common parent object with the type of SCMBaseObject.  Documents and Folders have an extra abstraction, as they inherit from SCMObject which in turn inherits from SCMBaseObject.  The base object defines two common proprieties across all objects: Id and NameSCMObject adds a number of additional properties that are common between Documents and Folders such as created and modified dates and users, description, and security.

In addition to common properties, there are common operations that can work with more than one object type such as Load, Save, Delete, Move, and Copy.  They are outlined in detail in the individual operations sections in this guide.