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Sample Scripts - CSV from Active Directory

Since the CSV file is a standard format, it can be generated from any source user repository. Customers may opt to generate the files manually as part of a one-time load, or may generate them as part of an automated nightly process to keep the Address Book users and groups in sync with the enterprise repository.
The following two examples show how a CSV can be generated from Active Directory using Powershell and then SFTP'd to SpringCM using Wincsp scripting. Powershell and Winscp are both free tools, see Microsoft Technet and Winscp for more information on obtaining them.

The samples in this section will only work on a machine that has Powershell 2.0 and .NET Framework 3.5 or higher installed. These examples are only for illustration purposes only. If they are leveraged for a production implementation, they must updated with filters and directory roots that correspond to the customer Active Directory implementation. They may be used, edited, and distributed in any way the customer sees fit however given that customers have different environments and configurations of their Active Directory, the scripts will not be supported by SpringCM support. Customers may use them as a starting point and will likely need filters to only extract a smaller subset of users and groups than what these samples will add to the CSV file.

In this section: