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Finding a Folder by Id

If the SpringCM Document Id is known, you can easily retrieve the full SCMFolder object with the FolderGetById method.  While the Load method can be used here as well, the results will have to be cast from an SCMBaseObject to an SCMFolder.  However, Load takes an array of Id's as a parameter and is useful to retrieve multiple folder objects at once.

Both methods take a boolean parameter to specify if metadata should be included on the SCMFolder object.  This should be set to false unless metadata is specifically needed by the calling code, as the call will be optimized by not having to send all of the folder's metadata over the wire.

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var folderId = "<SpringCM folder Uid>";
SCMfolder folder = springCMService.DocumentGetById(token, folderId, true);
string folderId = "<SpringCM folder Id>";
SCMFolder folder = springCMService.folderGetById(token, docId, false);