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Enable/Disable Users and Activation

SpringCM will optionally allow you to set an Enabled From and Enabled Until date.

Future Access

If they are left blank, users will always be allowed to access the account. If the dates are set, users will only be allowed to access the account when the current date is between the from and until dates. This will allow you to create users, but not allow them to access an account until some point in the future, such as a go live date. If you create a user with a date in the future in the Enabled From field and choose the Send Activation E-Mail box, the email will not go out to user until the date specified in the Enabled From date field is reached.

Temporary Access

A second common scenario is that you may want to create a user and only give them temporary access to the account, such as is often the case when using contractors or third parties that need access to your SpringCM account for designated period of time. In this case, you specify an end date in the Enabled Until box and the user will no longer have access to the account when the date is reached. You may set both an Enabled From and an Enabled Until, but it is not required that you set both. For example, you may create a user with a blank Enabled From date and an Enabled Until date 3 months in the future. This will give the user immediate access to the account and then automatically remove access in 3 months time.

Enabled/Disabled vs Status

Enabled/Disabled is separate, unrelated, concept from a user's Status, which is either Active or Inactive. Active/Inactive applies to the user across all accounts that they have access to and refers to the status of the user when they are first created and sent an activation email. They will remain Inactive until they click the link in their activation email and set a password, at which point they will be become Active. In certain user sync scenarios described later in this document, activation emails are not sent to the user and they may be shown as Active immediately upon creation. Users may not SSO to an account while they are Disabled, however SSO will still work if a user has a status of Inactive.