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Document Rule Configuration

To setup an account to process bulk user import formatted CSV files, first create a folder in SpringCM that will be used as the destination for uploading the inbound CSV files.  Best practices dictate that this folder should only be accessible by Super Administrators and only used to upload bulk user import CSVs. Once the folder is created, navigate to Preferences, click on Smart Rules and then choose Rule-> New Document Rule from the drop down menu and configure a new rule with the following parameters.
Event:  Document Added
Filters:  In Folder [your bulk user import folder] and Has Name Like [*.csv]
Actions:  "Bulk Import Users" is the only action required.  It is optional, but a best practice to add a "Move Document" action following the "Bulk Import Users" action so that the CSV file is moved to an archive folder after it has been processed.  It can be moved to the Trash as well.  When a Bulk Import Users Document Rule executes, the document rule log will indicate how many users were Added, Updated and Deleted.

The screenshot below shows what a typical Bulk Import Users configuration might look like in the SpringCM User interface: