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Creating Zip Archives

The SpringCM API supports creating zip archives from a specified set of document and/or folders via the FolderArchive method.

Folders and documents to be added to the archive are added to an SCMList object and passed to the nodes parameter.  Folders specified to be added to the archive are recursively expanded. Documents within the folder specified in the baseFolder parameter will have paths inside the archive relative to that folder. All other documents will be placed in the root of the archive. The zip archive can be downloaded via the FolderArchiveDownload method, and can optionally be placed in a SpringCM folder if the scmDestinationFolder and destinationName parameters are specified.  Creating a zip archive via the API is an asynchronous process and the status of a folder archive request can be monitored via the FolderArchiveGetStatus method.


  • token – Authentication token from an Authenticate method call.
  • baseFolder – An SCMFolder object that must have the folder id set. Paths within the archive will be relative to this folder.
  • nodes – An SCMList of documents and folders to include in the archive.
  • scmDestinationFolder – A folder to optionally place the resulting archive.
  • destinationName – A name for the archive to be placed in scmDestinationFolder.
  • requestUid – A client supplied uid to be used as the token that uniquely identifies the request. If the parameter can not be parsed as an uid, it will be ignored and a request token will be generated by the service.


A unique token that identifies this request and can be used as input to the FolderArchiveGetStatus and FolderArchiveDownload methods.

This method is intended to enable the creation of zip archives as part of implementing a business process and is not intended to be used for large scale backup operations.  SpringCM may limit the use of this method in an account where large scale requests are made, such as the root level folder of an account.